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Sustainable Choices

Sustainability and Environmental Respect at the Gorette Campground
Water Saving
Water is one of the most precious resources on the planet, which is why it is important to use it wisely and without waste. Therefore, we have equipped the taps in the campground with timed push-button openings to encourage controlled use.

In order to combat waste, the campground's green spaces are irrigated with non-potable water taken from our wells, while the hedges, shrubs and flowering areas are watered with the same water distributed through a drip system.
Energy Saving

A theme dear to the Gorette Campground is that of energy conservation.
With a view to raising awareness of these issues, we decided to give an important signal by ensuring conscious energy conservation.

We have therefore made substantial changes within the campground:

  • We have equipped all the sanitary units in the campground with solar panels for water heating
  • We chose to use LED and/or low energy lamps regulated by timer or twilight system.
  • We have reduced the CO2 emissions of village staff to zero by providing electric bikes and golf cars for commuting.
Preservation of the environment
Environmental protection is a central and extremely important issue, which we perceive as very close to the reality of our Campground, located on the edge of a beautiful pine forest and very close to the sea. This is the source of our constant commitment to raise awareness among our guests for proper waste management both through informative material and through the 4 ecological oases within the facility, where it is possible to differentiate waste.

The Gorette Campground is also equipped with a special water treatment osmosis system, installed to allow us to provide free drinking water distributed in all the camping columns.
In a natural environment such as our campground, near the pine forest and the sea, mosquitoes are highly likely to be present. To prevent and avoid any nuisance caused by the insect, we undertake two different types of control: a preventive one during winter and a periodic one in summer. Both are carried out with low-impact treatments.

In addition to the treatments carried out by humans, the wildlife richness of the pine forest, such as swallows and insectivorous birds, helps and protects us in this regard by feeding on mosquitoes.
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