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Arboreal Heritage

An oasis of biodiversity and well-being immersed in Tuscan nature
The Campsite "Le Gorette" is located in continuity with the Biogenetic Nature Reserve "Tomboli di Cecina," which, with an extension of 405 hectares, had its origins by the will of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopold II, in 1839, in order to shelter the agrarian cultures from the saltiness of the sea winds.

The coastal pine forests of domestic pine represent a naturalistic and environmental asset of great value, so the ownership of the Campsite, many years ago placed in 10 ha of land approx. 1,500 tree plants, mainly Pinus pinea, but also Pinus halepensis, to create an environment similar to the Coastal Park and that would maintain the same environmental contributions for a tourist attraction that can appreciate environmental benefits such as:
Purification air filtration
Each plant can capture 25 to 130 kg/year of CO2 depending on the size and vigor of the plant, as well as emit 15 to 80 kg/year of O2 and intercept up to 15 kg/year of particulate matter.
Psychological well-being
It is scientifically proven that living, staying in a natural environment has antidepressant effects, increases emotional tension and self-esteem.
Climate mitigation
Pine forests regulate summer heat, without air conditioners
Noise Reduction
Up to 10 decibels
Rainwater drainage
Limiting issues of flooding
Biodiversity conservation
Camp's commitment
In recent years in an effort to increase biodiversity, hundreds of other plants have been introduced such as Holm oaks - Quercus ilex, Platans and Palms.

The care and attention that the camp has for its tree heritage is maximum; since this year it has undertaken a "Tree Management Plan" according to the Aretè Protocol, which will also allow users to check the morphological, physiological characteristics and ecological value of many plants.
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