Camping Pet Friendly

Le Gorette: Pet-Friendly camping in Tuscany

Le Gorette is a Pet-Friendly Camping that takes to heart the wellbeing and health of our four legged friends and of their owners. This is why we offer useful services for them free of charge. Here they are:

  • biodegradable bags for the collection of their waste, distributed in various strategic areas of the village;
  • bowls and carpet on request when booking for guests staying in mobile homes;
  • pet showers and drinking water points (outside the Camping’s lavatories) specifically for them so you can freshen them up on hot summer days or after a nice and vigorous outing;
  • trails in the lovely pine wood for taking our furry friends on relaxing walks.


We ask our human pet owners to follow just a few simple rules so as to make sure that both their four-legged friends as well as everyone in the Camping Grounds spend a happy and relaxing vacation.

Please do not leave your pets alone for too long.

Your pets may take some time to adapt to their new surroundings. For this reason they could bark, whine or anyhow show distress that can and should be avoided.

Always have your dogs on a leash and bring a muzzle with you

Our Camping Village is populated by children, by people who are scared of animals and by other animals … so please respect them too by avoiding any risky situation.

Ask for an identification medal when you check in

This is yet another way of helping your furry friends. Should they run off, we can track them quickly via the medal and therefore reduce both the owners’ and the dogs’ stress.

4.Always pick up your dog’s waste.

This too is an indispensable gesture that ensures peaceful cohabitation with the Camping’s other guests. It is truly distasteful to step in dog poop when wearing flip-flops, and it could even happen to you.

At this point, all we ask is that you download the regulations, for the best vacation for you and for your beloved pets!


Another perk for your pets is the ’Bau Beach Le Gorette’ pet-friendly beach just 500 m from the Le Gorette Camping Grounds. This ‘Bau Beach’ has an area that is ‘free of charge’ (spiaggia libera) and a bathing establishment area (spiaggia attrezzata) where you can rent beach equipment.

About 5 km from Campeggio e Villaggio delle Gorette there are veterinary surgeries with 24h and First Aid services.

As from 2021, the market inside the Camping now also sells pet food, pet cleaning products and toys for your furry friends.

Even though your pets are not allowed inside the pool and restaurant areas, they can fully enjoy our wide open spaces for their walks.